Under New Management

Under New Management

Well first of all its time to introduce myself, my name is Dominic and I have been volunteered, sorry appointed, to the Clubs PR and communication department. Part of my remit is to articulate associative transparency by maintaining the information promulgation and dissemination pathways, or put it another way, maintain the club website. I believe the technical term is webmaster, although much of tech side is still handled by someone far more knowing than I. Anyway over the coming weeks it’s my plan to get on top of things and bring the site up to date.

Although the end of the sailing season for the club is fast approaching, I hope to deliver reports on all the latest sailing action within the club and bring you updates on some of the clubs plans for the future etc. Don’t forget you can catch up with most of the day to day goings on of the club on our Facebook page and this is always a great place to get up to date information on the current sailing programme as well as the latest gossip.
So please bear with me as I find my feet with the site and I look forward to the task before me with great anticipation.

“Remember a bad day sailing is still better than a good day at the Office!”

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