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Summer Race Results for 12/8/2012

Top day’s sailing today boyos 🙂
3 boats raced namely yours truly (Pete Jones ) on the F18 with extra wee help from Oliver (aged 10) then Dom and Sophie on their Pico ( this time WITH jib) and also Alistair and little Trystan on the 420. We were lulled into a false sense of security as we left the beach on a gentle offshore breeze . A couple of mins later Olly had most of the spinny up and he was then absolutely convinced that dad’s Laser was tooo slooooow 😉
Just after that the sky went black and force 3 became 5-6 ouch, time to drop the big scary kite, er easier said than done for the wee chap up front. So with Mrs Mings laundry hanging out the front we started the race and took port tack early on much to our advantage . Shortly after that Alistair decided the beach had his name on it and retired very sensibly. Dom and Sophie battled on but now we’d got the spinny back in the chute  we  were number crunching the laps. End result after many near misses was 1st F18, 2nd Pico and 3rd the 420.
Many thanks indeed to Stuart who was dragged out kicking and screaming in the club safety boat, respec 🙂

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