Press Release December 2013, Team Malapropism Goes Live.

Press Release December 2013, Team Malapropism Goes Live.

Team Malapropism (Supporting Alcoholics Unanimous) Goes Live. 

The 2013 Race. Picture Courtesy of Yachts and Yachting


2014 Promises to be a very busy year for the Tresaith Mariners sailing club, with a full schedule of races throughout the season, some very special events and crews making the trip out to Ireland to compete in the F18 Worlds, the season promises much.
But ever pushing at the boundaries of human experience, the intrepid mariners of Tresaith have raised the bar yet again. Plans are afoot to field a team at the West Lancashire Yacht Clubs annual Crewsaver 24 Hour race held at Southport in early September. The annual Crewsaver 24 Race is an internationally renowned event where sailing dinghy crews from clubs across the UK sailing on a relay basis, slug it out nonstop over a 24 hour period. Every year the event proves ever more popular with over 60 Teams competing in 2013 with even more promised for 2014.

The mariners are no strangers to this event, “While the club has entered teams in the past it’s been some time since we have been there” explained the Mariners Commodore Pete Jones, “With lots of keen new blood in the club, we felt it was high time we made our return to Southport for this epic event and already club members are very excited about the event”. But it’s not all plain sailing for the club as Mr Jones explains “We have committed to the event but we still have lots of bridges to cross long before we get there in September, we have a great deal of preparation to do, for example there are restrictions on what kind of saling Dinghy we can use in the race and We don’t even have a boat to use yet! to say nothing of logistics” but he remains confident that these are challenges the club will meet well “I have no doubt the club will pull together on this one as they always do and we have decided that we will be competing to raise money for local charities as well, which makes it that much more special to us all”.
So as the New Year approaches the Mariners look set for a challenging year ahead with lots of work and preparation in the offing, of course we will be reporting on all the latest news as it happens, but we will conclude for now with the inspiring words of the clubs’ Commodore commenting on the clubs approach. “As a club we have always been that little bit different, the chances are if it looks like a challenge and a good laugh to be had, we’ll give it a go!

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