Heading South to Warmer Climes

Heading South to Warmer Climes


Heading South

Yes it’s that time of the year again, the shadows lengthen and the developing cold winds signal the approach of winter.

While the migratory birds start to pack their bags and stock up on Mazola oil and look to head south for warmer climates, this triggers a similar behavioural pattern in some of the Catamaran sailors in the club. Of course the difference being rather than following warmer weather, the attraction seem to be more akin to attending a Vikings convention with an activity programme that seems to centre on the looting and pillaging of some unsuspecting sailing club bar on the south coast of England.  In this case two brave crews head south to the Weston sailing Club Multihull Open & Nacra Nationals held between October 19th and 20th near Southampton.

While Pete and Fraser, sporting their nice new sail, have assured me that they are ready to go with axes sharpened and a keen interest to attend the scheduled workshop on (debauchery and depravity, how to get the most out of your weekend away), it remains to be seen if this is a level of motivation that will carry them through the sailing stuff they have to do first. Our second intrepid crew consists of Liz and our own long suffering Commodore Alistair (AKA Super A). I am reliably informed that Liz, ably supported by her husband Danny, has surrendered her axe to Alistair on this trip in favour of making room for an entourage of child care necessities as she makes her welcome return to competition following the recent arrival of her firstborn. The question has been asked if Hobie make a forward facing child seat?  But opinion seems to suggest that the airbags will remain an issue.

Well as our intrepid explorers head south we will of course keep you posted on the outcome. Or you could wait to see them on Crime watch!





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