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Heading South to Warmer Climes, Update

Sadly bad weather has upset plans and with winds forecast to reach over 50 mph our intrepid crews turned back even before reaching the Tax free shopping! So the delights of Weston will have to wait a little longer. Sorry Weston Sailing club. However not to be stopped by a bit of inclement weather, I […]

Heading South to Warmer Climes

  Yes it’s that time of the year again, the shadows lengthen and the developing cold winds signal the approach of winter. While the migratory birds start to pack their bags and stock up on Mazola oil and look to head south for warmer climates, this triggers a similar behavioural pattern in some of the […]

Under New Management

Well first of all its time to introduce myself, my name is Dominic and I have been volunteered, sorry appointed, to the Clubs PR and communication department. Part of my remit is to articulate associative transparency by maintaining the information promulgation and dissemination pathways, or put it another way, maintain the club website. I believe […]

February updates!

Dear Mariners, A little reminder to you all that membership forms for the 2012 season will soon be on the way to you. Please turn them around quickly and efficiently – think of it as a nice tack into the new season! Next some dates for your diaries: Sun 19/02/12 10:00am, all hands on deck (or […]